CEO & President of the Board of Directors

Carlos began to collaborate with IES-SBS in 2015. He is also President of the Board and founder of ESLIDER-PORTUGAL - National Network of Civil Society Leaders, member of the Board of EUCLID-NETWORK - European Network of Civil Society Leaders and member Of the Direction of the Association "Mundo a Sorrir".

Previously, he was General Coordinator of UDIPSS-PORTO - District Union of Private Institutions of Social Solidarity of Porto. He was also Associate Researcher at INSEAD and Assistant Researcher at Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Porto Regional Center.

Carlos is a Professor in Higher Education and a PhD in Economics at the School of Economics and Management of the University of Minho.


Community Manager

Filipa joined the IES-SBS team in 2015. She has professional experience in the public and private sector, most recently working as Policy Advisor in the European Parliament, for the Committee on Economy and Monetary Affairs, where she followed developments in European economic and financial crisis and its effects in Portugal.

She previously worked in the area of usiness Development for Critical Software Brasil, she taught Microeconomics at the Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, and worked for Deloitte Consulting, in the area of trategy and Operations.

She has a degree in Economics from the Católica University of Porto and a Master's degree in Strategy and Entrepreneurship from the Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics.


Project Manager

Mafalda has been a member of the IES-SBS team since 2012. She is a founder and R & D Director of Positive Benefits, a consultant to SUN AID since 2009 and an ACPLP consultant since 2010. She has been the manager of the ISU EQUAL EC Project (2009-2010) Of communication and project in TESE (2007-2009) and design consultant in Unimaginable (2005-2007). She was founder and coordinator of FAS RONDAS - Porto (2004-2007).

Graduating in Industrial Design, ESADE (2000-2004), Mafalda took a postgraduate course in Development at ISCTE (2010) and participated in the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme (2011).



Operations Manager

Co-author of RDISS - Sustainable Social Initiatives Development Framework, worked 9 years at an NGO of the northern region as Head of Department of Sustainability and Innovation Office, as Manager and as Quality Management System auditor.

Parallel to the work in this institution, Nuno supported other social sector organizations in the Oporto district as consultor on management.

Currently responsible for training operations and financial and administrative department of IES, he holds a degree in Business Administration from the Portuguese Catholic University - Porto.