The Continued Support Programme is intended for IES-SBS alumni who are committed to the implementation, development and / or growth of Social Entrepreneurship initiatives.

The programme consists of a 6-month process that allows to accelerate the evolution of a Social Entrepreneurship initiative throughout its life cycle. This process is structured as follows:


1. Diagnosis of the initiative

Application of the Competitiveness tool for Social Entrepreneurship initiatives and identification of the main constraints to its development;


2. Initiative Development Plan (IDP)

Delivery of an IDP with milestones for the development of the Social Entrepreneurship initiative according to its specific needs. This plan includes the following dimensions:

1.    Tools and support articles;

2.    Training opportunities and needs;

3.    Opportunities and financing needs;

4.    Specific mentoring needs and mentoring according to the stage of the life cycle of the initiative;

5.    Points of contact in the IES-SBS Network;

6.    Milestones and Roadmap monitoring by the IES-SBS Community Manager.


3. Monitoring and review of IDPs

Every three months, the IES-SBS Community Manager will monitor, as well as an adjustment of the IDP with the Entrepreneur (s) and / or team of the initiative.


2. IDP





"The follow-up / support provided by IES-SBS to the development of Zé Picolé was crucial in that it promoted greater clarity of ideas regarding problem solving, made it possible to focus on decisions to be made, promoted institutional contacts, Also, very important, the sensation of always having a strong arm to the side. For this, thank you. "

- Ricardo França, Zé Picolé